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System-Based Theming with Styled Components

Learn how to support system-based theming in Styled Components, while allowing a user to select their preferred theme and persist that choice.

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Implicit State Sharing in React & Vue

Learn to use React’s Context API and provide/inject in Vue to share state between related components without resorting to a global data store.

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Component Reusability in React & Vue

Learn how to use render props in React and scoped slots in Vue to create components that are flexible and reusable.

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What’s the Deal with Margin Collapse?

Learn about margin collapse, a fundamental concept of CSS layout. See visual examples of when margin collapse happens, and when it doesn’t.

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Better Typography with Font Variants

Learn how to use font variants, including ligatures, caps, numerals and alternate glyphs, to create more precise, beautiful typography on the web.

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Advanced CSS-Only HTML Form Styling

Learn about selectors both new and old that you can use to style form inputs based on requirement, validity and more.

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Unlocking the Benefits of CSS Variables

Overview of the benefits of CSS variables and helpful tips and tricks for working with them.

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Controlling Element Visibility with the Intersection Observer API

Learn how to use the new IntersectionObserver API to control the visibility of elements relative to the viewport.

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Component Variants with Scoped CSS Variables

Scoped CSS variables provide an incredibly easy and clean way to create variants of common interface components like buttons.

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Semantic Image Overlays With Object-Fit

Learn how to use CSS grid and the object-fit property to create an image grid with overlays that is semantic and great for SEO.

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Live Theming with CSS Variables

CSS variables are opening up exciting new possibilities, like creating a very performant live theme editor that dynamically updates CSS values.

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Contextual Callouts with CSS Grid

Using the power of CSS grid, it is now easier than ever before to create callouts — small paragraphs that sit next to the primary text and offer additional information.