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UI/UX Designer & Front-End Engineer

I’m a designer and developer committed to making the web a more empowering and accessible place. I create engaging user experiences and bring them to life through maintainable, high-quality code. I share what I’ve learned in my technical blog.

Recent Articles

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System-Based Theming with Styled Components

Learn how to support system-based theming in Styled Components, while allowing a user to select their preferred theme and persist that choice.

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Implicit State Sharing in React & Vue

Learn to use React’s Context API and provide/inject in Vue to share state between related components without resorting to a global data store.

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Component Reusability in React & Vue

Learn how to use render props in React and scoped slots in Vue to create components that are flexible and reusable.

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What’s the Deal with Margin Collapse?

Learn about margin collapse, a fundamental concept of CSS layout. See visual examples of when margin collapse happens, and when it doesn’t.